Thursday, June 28, 2007


Right in time for pre-Bastille Day orders, Catherine of A Gluten-Free Guide shines her spotlight on a gluten-free French croissant available through

The butter croissant is one of 20 Valpiform products--including chocolate croissants, baguettes, madeleines, and chocolate fingers--available via Amazon from I Can Eat It.

The foods can get pricey due in part to shipping charges, but you can inspect the Amazon pages to find offers such as "Save 10% on up to 1 of these for every 1 Qualifying Items you purchase offered by I can eat it" and "Receive a 5% discount on entire purchase cost offered with a promotion code. Enter code EVERYONE at checkout." (Incidentally, Amazon is offering a deal on Haribo Gummi Candy through June 30.)

You might think that a croissant is nothing to shout about...but others (such as Juka from the Japanese band Moi dix Mois) would differ.

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Catherine said...

Hey David, thanks for the shout out. I wanted to ask you about something, could you email me: glutenguide at