Monday, June 11, 2007


Hamburgers are one of the most readily available foods in the United States. But a classic burger--a ground beef patty with a bun--is hard to find in the gluten-free variety.

The ground beef isn't the problem. It's the bun.

You see, I'm grateful for restaurants that take responsibility when it comes to gluten-free food and clearly state that buns shouldn't be included in a gluten-free "burger" order.

But I'm extra-grateful for those restaurants that actually provide a gluten-free bun--or at least a bun substitute, like two pieces of toast--with their burgers.

I'd be even more grateful if I didn't have to pay a surcharge for the gluten-free bread, which has often been my experience.

I don't think I've yet found any gf hamburger buns that I really like. So far my favorite substitutes are gluten-free English muffins (pictured) from Joan's GF Great Bakes. Or gluten-free toast.

You know what got me thinking of this? I read that Outback Steakhouses in Clifton Park (NY) as well as Enfield (CT) and West Springfield (MA) are trying out gluten-free bread and hamburger rolls, and that the Outback in Yonkers (NY) plans to introduce the bread this Wednesday! That encouraging news made me realize how much of the ordinary Outback menu I was missing/ignoring.

The bread is made by Vermont's Walk on Water Gluten Free Bakery--and I sure hope it's good!

Anyway, thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to read my beef about buns. Here is a (possibly very loud) clip from Sesame Street that shows where buns come from. Warning: These buns are not certified as gluten-free!

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