Monday, May 14, 2007


What's this I see?

A tiny gluten-free section? At ShopRite??

But wait! How did this product get here??

I took up the matter with the Customer Service desk. I was assured that the problem would be addressed.

Sure enough, the Arrowhead Mills gluten was gone when I returned two days later...but look at what had gotten cozy with a bag of GF Pancake Mix!

I again paid a visit to Customer Service, which was friendly and concerned enough to correct the problem on the spot.

I'm sure that eventually (maybe already?) everything will be all right at ShopRite.

Photos: David Marc Fischer


ByTheBay said...

Oh wow! I'm in shock. Do you know if this will be at all Shop Rites or just that one? I want to go ask my local ShopRite about it!

Paul Romaine said...

In Rockland County, NY, Shoprite of Pearl River and Stop and Shop of Nanuet both have small gluten-free sections, generally in their expanding natural/organic sections--although it's not as distinct. Particularly interesting has been to see that both Stop & Shop (for some time now) and Pathmark (just recently) have in-store organic brands. Perhaps they're beginning to be worried about penetration by chains like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods?

Samantha said...

I've found that Giant tends to have a decent gluten free section as well. The one in Plymouth Meeting, PA actually is larger than my local health food store's.

Erin S. said...

Is this ShopRite in Plainview? Clearly Plainview is the gluten-free Mecca of Long Island!

David Marc Fischer said...

This is the ShopRite in Morton Village, Plainview (off Old Country Road). It is amazing that Plainview offers gluten-free shoppers Dr. B. Well Naturally, Fairway, Eat Healthy American, and two ShopRites that seem to be making an Trader Joe's! And it's not very far from Outbacks, Legal Seafoods, and even Caffe Baldo....