Monday, May 28, 2007


Years ago I fell in love with Le Veneziane gluten-free pasta. This Italian import was on sale at the Fairway on the Upper West Side. The orange-y color was a little strange but the taste and al dente texture was sensational--especially when it came to the tagliatelle (ribbons wound like a bird's nest). The pasta soon vanished from Fairway, but my fond memory of it lingered like a spaghetti strand caught in a colander.

So I was thrilled to learn about the Brooklyn grocery D. Collucio and Sons thanks to a tip from Suzanne on the message board at the New York City Celiac Disease Meetup Group. Suzanne wrote that Coluccio's carries Le Veneziane as well as Scotti pasta.

Last Saturday I took the N train to the New Utrecht Avenue stop and walked over to D. Coluccio's at 60th Street near 12th Avenue. My beloved tagliatelle wasn't there, but I did find five types of Le Veneziane pasta:
Anellini (small rings used in soups and salads) 8.8 oz @ $3.09
Ditalini (tiny tubes used in soups) 8.8 oz @ $3.09
Eliche (screws) 8.3. oz @ $3.09
Penne Rigate (slant-cut ridged tubes) 8.8 oz @ $3.09
Spaghetti 17.6 oz @ $5.25

I also found these two types of Scotti pasta:
Penne Rigate 8.8 oz @2.95
Spaghetti 8.8 oz @ $2.95

I purchased samples of each and then bid a fond farewell to Coluccio's.

And then I walked back to the N train and headed for Coney Island.

Photos: David Marc Fischer

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