Thursday, February 08, 2007


Ted's Montana Grill offers special guidelines for patrons on the gluten-free diet (as well as other special diets). When I visited the midtown Manhattan location during the holiday system, the staff seemed totally clueless, but more recently I stopped by and spoke with chef Jesse, who seemed much better informed. He said that restaurant headquarters might actually be preparing bona fide special diet menus, which I imagine would be at least as user-friendly as the guidelines its been using.

Gluten-free locals and tourists could benefit greatly if the Manhattan location of Ted's Montana Grill proves itself reliable. Located in the Time-Life Building, it's convenient to museums, Rockefeller Center, City Center, Carnegie Hall, and Times Square and the upper theater district. It would be great if the restaurant heightened its credibility by coordinating its efforts with GFRAP and/or the Gluten Intolerance Group Corporate Restaurant Program.


Rob said...

I had a chance to try Ted's in the Dulles VA area. They had to print out a sheet off the website to explain what was safe and what wasn't. If they followed Legal Seafood, they'd have a specific menu.

David Marc Fischer said...

I agree. As I mentioned, corporate headquarters might be working on one, which, I expect, would be great for all concerned.