Monday, June 08, 2009


Hm. I'm not sure how this blank (until now) post got here, but somehow it attracted a comment about the restaurant Opus....


Anonymous said...

We live in the Upper East Side and we finally found a gluten free restaurant that just opened few months ago. it was a great experience and almost all the menu is gluten free. We red a lot of reviews about this place and the big newspapers and food critics, like Jonh Mariani suggested it. I was just thinking that you should probably update your Dining Map with this jewel. Thank you
Opus restaurant
1574 Second Ave. between East 82nd
and East 83rd streets)
(212) 772-2220

David Marc Fischer said...

Hi, Anonymous--I am aware of the restaurant Opus, which is the latest manifestation of Tini (a.k.a. Lentini), which was on the GFRAP (Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program) roster. For reasons unknown to me, Opus is not on that roster.

I have therefore not added Opus to any GFNYC list because my policy is focus on restaurants in the GFRAP program (and any other program like it, with third-party involvement and some degree of public accountability). I feel that, at least for the time being, this is the best way for the information on GFNYC to remain reliable for the NYC residents and tourists who refer to it. I also think that, in the long run as well as the short run, it will be beneficial to the gluten-free (and, perhaps allergy) community to support restaurants that cooperate with third parties such as GFRAP because they recognize how helpful such third parties can be in helping them address medical diets.