Thursday, December 27, 2007


Days after I made my case elsewhere for glutened (and gluten-free) as Word of the Year 2007 (December 27, 2007), I note that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has identified gluten-free as a food buzz word for 2008. Other foreseen buzz words: sustainable, healthful, seasonal, local, organic, antioxidant, artisanal, kids, yumberry, probiotics, carbon footprint, locavore, cage-free, pasture-raised, micro-greens, and all things Latino.

This was in an article by Marlene Parrish about trends for next year. The article quotes Giant Eagle supermarkets spokesperson Dick Roberts as saying, "...we see a big trend toward foods that provide solutions for consumers with allergies. Gluten-free food is a front runner as far as consumer demand and availability of product."

This is in line with food industry buzz covered here in August.

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