Saturday, December 29, 2007


I've got mixed feelings about Disney Incorporated, but I've only heard positive things in terms of Disney restaurants accommodating guests on medical diets.

In this video, Karina of talks with two upper-level Disney chefs—Chris Justesen and Bill Orton—about how Disney on the West Coast serves guests with allergies. Orton and Justesen come across as thoroughly professional and describe some of the routine for serving gluten-free pancakes. They also emphasize the importance of communicating directly with Disney restaurant managers and chefs (as opposed to waitstaff) when spelling out one's dietary requirements.

Gluten-Free in SD offers more details about dining chez Disney, SoCal.

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Karina said...


Thanks for posting this video. I just wanted to clarify that their policies apply to ALL Disney Parks and Resorts, including the east coast. Also, I will have another video coming out soon that follows up on this interview with much more detail. Please feel free to check the site in a few weeks ...