Friday, January 19, 2007


Asia de Cuba is the one GFRAP participant in this winter's restaurant week(s)--January 22 to January 26 and January 29 to February 2. As in the past, the upscale midtown restaurant, which specializes in family-style portions, offers a three-course lunch deal (for $24.07) and allows you to switch the dessert choice to the elaborate Latin Lover, above). Call to make reservations, confirm that you will be satisfied with the available options, and talk to your server about your needs to make sure that the kitchen makes any and all necessary modifications to your order. (For dessert, you might also be able to order sorbet instead of the Latin Lover.)

Even though the GRAP restaurant Tropica appears on the online list of participating restaurants, I've been told that it is actually not offering any deals to anyone this time around.

I strongly feel that GFRAP restaurants should be supported, but I do note that Gramercy's upscale BBQ joint Blue Smoke--which ordinarily offers its own non-GFRAP-approved gluten-free menu--says it can accommodate gluten-free dieters with its restaurant week lunch and dinner ($35) menus. (Once again, call to make reservations and ascertain that you'll be able to take advantage of the menu, and make sure you communicate your dietary needs when you're at the restaurant.)

The CeliacChicks just posted a note from a Blue Smoke fan who wants to encourage the restaurant to go with GFRAP--it'd be great if the club-restaurant were to do so. It's run by Danny Meyer, so there's a chance that GFRAP could gain several other Meyer establishments as a result.

Photo: David Marc Fischer

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