Monday, October 30, 2006


Do you remember my March post about Lieber's Knaidel Mix--said to be the best for making gf matzoh balls?

I finally tried the mix this year. Basically, we're talking potato dumplings. At first I wasn't thrilled but then I became addicted, adding them to my soup (or maybe adding my soup to them) on a daily basis. I think that seasoning (for example, adding parsley flakes) may be the key to making the most of the balls.

You may wonder: Why is today different from all other days? Why wouldn't you post about this matzoh ball mix next year, closer to Passover?

Well, here's the skinny: I understand that now could be the ideal time to request it from your local grocer so that you'll get it in time for next Passover.


~M said...

I finally found a box of these!! Have you ever made them? I know that every family that makes it's own [gluten-containing] matzo balls doctors the recipe on the box...does anyone have any tips for doctoring this recipe or sprucing it up? Todah Rabah (thank you)!

David Marc Fischer said...

Congrats on finding them! I've been tinkering with the mix for a while--that's part of the fun, I suppose. I've experimented with rosemary and celery salt, for example. On the Web there must be a lot of other tips for flavoring matzoh balls.