Saturday, May 13, 2006


Celiac disease and gluten are not mentioned in Lisa Kron's play Well, but its portrayal of sickness and wellness should resonate with many people with gluten intolerance (and people familiar with those who have gluten intolerance).

Recounting a childhood in Lansing, Michigan, Well toys with theatrical conventions as it explores themes related to community integration and mother-daughter relations as well as health. Several characters suspect that they suffer from disabling food allergies with symptoms that include profound fatigue. One seems to recover, another lives a life that fuses exhaustion with activism, and others seem overwhelmed by their conditions.

If you're interested in this well-received play, see it right away: Well is scheduled to end its run tomorrow, May 14! Discount tickets for the play, which features Jane Houdyshell in an acclaimed performance, have been readily available through Theatermania,, and, quite possibly, TKTS. Many fine low-priced balcony seats ($26.25) seem to be available, too.

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