Thursday, May 25, 2006


A celiac vendor fair will be held June 11, 2006 on Long Island--and Michael Thorn (mthorn at BNL.GOV) of Suffolk County Celiacs has announced that the group will help train travelers get to the event from the LIRR's Pinelawn station!

Comfy Cuisine, the fair's host, will give out free food samples. So will Kinnikinnick. There will also be discounts on Celiac Disease: The Hidden Epidemic (by Dr. Peter Green and Rory Jones) and the new edition of Gluten Free: A Comprehensive Guide (by Shelley Case). Also expected: Mr. Ritts Bakery--all the way from Philadelphia!

Here are the basics:
Celiac Vendor Fair
100 Nancy Street, West Babylon
June 11, 2006 from 11am to 5pm
Train fare is $8 each way off-peak, or $7.60 each way if you order a web ticket that will be mailed to you in advance. (That's about $60.80-$64.00 for four, so one could make a case for celiac carpooling.) You can find the LIRR train schedule for Pinelawn here; double-check it on the weekend of the event.

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