Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pasta Freezool!

The New York Times piece "New Options for Allergy-Free Pastas (January 12, 200)" by Martha Rose Shulman revolves around a recipe for gluten-free pasta e fagioli, a.k.a. pasta fazool. Shulman recommends several pastas (Andean Dream, Trader Joe's, Papadini, rice sticks) but omits some of my favorites, including Tinkyada (the standard in terms of quality and price), Le Veneziane (hard-to-find Italian import that's top-notch), Bionaturae (contains protein), and Notta Pasta.


~M said...

Shulman's link to Papadini does not let you buy the product :(

Inversiones en oro said...

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pharmacy said...

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