Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Some people think that being gluten-free is tough. But do you know what is really challenging about the diet? Spelling the words related to it!

Really. Take it from a blogger. Just when you feel you're on top of gastroenterologist, along comes endomysial to throw a wrench in things. Then there's little gliadin, big ol' transglutaminase, and even the otherwordly xanthan to chew on. And don't even get me started on the whole celiac-coeliac rivalry. Too much has already been lost over that dispute!

At least we don't have to bother spelling spelt.

In order to enhance your gluten-free spelling ability, we at the Gluten-Free NYC Boutique recommend learning the gluten-free alphabet, available in assorted items including shirts...


...and magnets!

And we still can't get over this magic moment from the recent Scripps Spelling Bee in Washington, DC. That's Sameer Mishra, this year's champion.

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