Sunday, April 22, 2007


There's still a little time to let the FDA know your thoughts about creating standards for "gluten-free" labels.

You can get a briefing on the proposal via the website for the Celiac Disease Foundation, which also links to the FDA website, where electric submissions can be made. At present, there's also a summary at the Gluten Intolerance Group's advocacy web page. To find the docket where you can submit your own comments electronically, you might want to take note of the docket number: 2005N-0279. Comments should be submitted by Monday, April 23, 2007.

I'm not sure if what I sent is the kind of thing the FDA could use, but I kept it short and basically made three points: First, I thanked the FDA for paying attention to the issue. Then I suggested that labels disclose ppm levels instead of merely labeling something "gluten-free" or not. (In other words, rather than just say "gluten-free" or not, the label could say something like 5 ppm, 10 ppm, 20 ppm, 100 ppm, or 200 ppm depending on the product concerned and the limits of testing. I wrote that "This might make it easier to accommodate variations in standards among different countires and also enable consumers to make very informed judgments.") I also encouraged the FDA to do what it could to focus on the question of oats (and possible reactions to other grains) because it seems to me that more research needs to be done in that area.

Happy Earth Day!

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Obewan said...

The problem is that this is not just about adding melamine to make money. Behind the scenes there are very bad people and companies intentionally placing contamination in our food supplies and product lines on purpose. Simply if you can slowly bring the disease rates up via the product lines you sell and then make money treating the very disease you caused via drugs, treatments etc. Then the company has the best of both worlds….cause the disease and then treat the disease. They will cash in at both ends fo the spectrum. It is the unlitmate business model.

When did we think it was OK for a company that has a past long history of making poisons, weed killers, glues, dyes etc. generally bad disease causing substances….change its past business model and start producing foods and medicines and treatments for disease? Then still allow them to sell and produce their chemical poisons to our populations? The chemists know how to manipulate the formulas and they know the outcome of the exposures. With international invlovements…these companies operate in countries around the world that have no ethics. What they do is anything they want to….to make money. You and I and our health is the end commodity. It is not necessary to affect all people just enough people to have a market place for their drugs. The goal is only to crreate chronic health conditions requiring long term drug regimes and a money source via your failing health.

The company that is the model for this type of international buisness practice is Novartis. They create the poisons, they pander the poison, they sell food stuffs and now they treat diseases and are the third largest drug company in the world. This company formed and did a complete 360 turn in their business model in the last ten years. Who is watching out for your back? These people are cashing in at both ends of the business model. A simple visit to the home page and a review of their history and merger tells the story. The FDA has some major problems to investigate and its all about money…..