Monday, December 30, 2002

PRODUCT WATCH: WHOLE FOODS. Healthy Pleasures continues to offer the Gluten-Free Bavarian Bread at $3.99--a dollar more than it charges for gluten breads from the same brand. But Whole Foods has a fresh stock of the bread that it's offering at a lower price. Yesterday the sticker price was $2.59, though the cashier initially rang it up at $3.59. My guess is that Whole Foods is also trying to charge an extra dollar for the gluten-free variety, but that the clerk applying the sticker price failed to make the distinction.

At Whole Foods, I also spotted a couple of items that I don't think I'd noticed previously. The Lemon Poppy variant of EssenSmart Soy Cookies is gluten-free and serviceable--strong-flavored but expensive at $3.69 for about 8 individually-wrapped cookies. In different freezers I found Belo pizza as well as a Belo pumpkin pie. The former was fine--comparable to the pizzas made by Gillian's (I think) and Foods by George. I look forward to sampling the latter at some point.

On a tip from a non-gf friend who lives in Boston, I asked whether Whole Foods sells any gluten-free beer. Not at this time, I was told.

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